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Tips for Choosing the Best Case for Your Phone

21st Oct 2016

One of the main reasons for buying a phone case is to protect the phone from damage in case of an accident. Ever since smartphones took over the world and people started keeping their mobile out at all times, a phone case that is used to protect the phone has become a style statement. Many people use it as an accessory rather than a utility. 

There are many types of phone cases out there in the market. There are soft silicone covers that fit the phone like a glove. Hard covers, made from sturdy plastic or metal, protect the phone from the back and the sides, exposing only the screen. Finally, flip covers encase the phone from all sides and sometimes have pockets or slots for cash and cards. Each one serves a different purpose, and the choice depends on your personal needs and preferences. 

Cases for most phones are easily available in the market these days. Here are a few tips for choosing the best case for your phone: 

Basic Style: The two main types of phone cases are the jacket and flip covers. If you keep your phone in your pocket or want to have the screen directly accessible at all times, then go for a jacket cover. These covers are made out of plastic, silicone or metal and cover the backside and sides of the phone. However, if you like to keep your phone in your hand for the most part of the day consider going for a flip or wallet cover. The phone is protected from all sides, and the screen can be accessed by flip-opening the cover. Wallet covers, flip covers with slots for cash and card, are very popular since they eliminate the need for a wallet. 

Base material: Many affordable phone covers are made out of cheap materials like low-quality plastic, etc. that look shabby. Some of them even have rough edges which do not look good. Many flip covers are made out of faux leather but look very rugged and old even when they are brand new. It is important to go for a good-quality phone case that has a good finishing on all sides and is made out of first-rate base material. 

Phone Model: Most of the phone models within the same series vary, even if slightly, in design. Whenever you buy phone covers, you must pay attention to the exact phone model a case is created for. A phone case for iPhone 6 is different from the one for iPhone 6S. If you have a phone like Samsung Galaxy Edge which has a screen extending beyond the edges, a phone case may not be suitable for you. 

You can also opt for custom phone cover where you choose the base material and basic design of the phone case and then get it printed with a design of your choice.