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Things You Should Know About Samsung Screen Repair

17th Oct 2016

Samsung is one of the leading brands in the smartphone industry. They have carved a niche for themselves by creating phones with beautiful designs incorporating cutting-edge technology. Some of the best Android smartphones in the market belong to Samsung. 

A cell phone, like any other electronic device, is bound to have some problems because of various reasons. Most of the errors and issues can be resolved easily while for some you might have to visit a service center. Touch screen phones can have some problems related to the screen, and you should know how to deal with them. You can either opt for an exclusive approach, or you can choose the DIY stuff. 

Some common problems associated with Samsung phones are mentioned here along with their solutions. 

Blank Screen: it is one of the most common screen problems that happen in touch screen phones even in Samsung. Reboot the system, if it works then it might have happened because of an App install or update. If it is still not working, then you may have to get it checked by an expert technician. 

Dead Pixels: When one or more parts, small or large, of the phone screen stop working resulting in a distorted display, those parts are celled dead pixels. Screen damage or app code might be the culprit in this case as well. Uninstall the app and reboot the system. In case this does not work, take your phone to an authorized service center as the GPU (Graphical Processing Unit) might have a problem. 

Physical Damage: If you phone slips out of your hand and falls at an odd angle or the screen is damaged anyway then it becomes s serious problem as it can cost you almost half of the price of the phone. In some cases, the screen may shatter in pieces. Regardless of how the screen damage happened, get it repaired quickly to save the internal circuitry from the impact. 

At the service center, your phone will be examined carefully, and you will be given a date on which you can come and pick up your phone. For the mean time, they will give you a phone to use until yours is repaired. However, in most cases, the physical damage is not covered by the warranty so be sure when you are taking it for repair. 

If you want to repair your smartphone yourself, you can easily find Samsung spare parts and repair kits at Samsung stores, centers and on the internet. It is convenient to check online for Samsung screen parts and repair kits for and order them as you can get discounts and better deals online than retails stores.