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iPhone Screen Repair Cost

Posted by F Ariza on 23rd Jul 2017

iPhone screen repair cost

iPhone Screen Repair Cost

The iPhone is made of metal and glass so if you happen to drop your phone their is a good chance of your screen getting damage. lots of other things can go wrong with your phone if you happen to drop it your LCD can get damage or anything else from the camera to the battery. but the cost can be very expensive to repair. The iPhone screen repair cost can be as much as $200 or more just to have your screen repair from Apple, unless you happen to be lucky and have warranty on the phone. but most warranty plans don't cover the cost of a broken screen only internal damages the are cause on their own.

Getting your iPhone repair or replace by Apple my be the best idea depending on the type of damage and whether you're still under warranty. you can check your warranty status on Apple;s website

Apple charges $129 for iPhone 5, iPhone5S, iPhone 5c, iPhone SE, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s if your Out-of-warranty if you have the Applecare+ wich cost you $99 they would only charge you $29 for any screen damage but you will have to pay an additional cost for any other damage.

If you do choose to repair your phone your self or have a third party do it for you. just make sure to check the warranty on your phone first. always remember that if your phone is under warranty and you take it to a third party to get it fix you will void your warranty. the only drawback to getting your phone fix with Apple is that it could be very expensive and that all states don't have any Apple stores and you might have to ship it to them.

Have it replaced by a third party

If your phone is out of warranty you might want to think about taking your phone to a repair shop or maybe saving more money and doing the job your self. if you decide to take your phone to any repair shops theirs a couple of things you should look into before you go.

  • How much will it cost?
  • How long will it take?
  • What type of warranty do you offer?
  • Check any reviews on google

Replace it your self

You can find plenty of iphone screen replacement kits the will cost between $10 and $25 online and they will include the front outer glass along with the tools. doing the job your self will not be easy but will all the videos you can find online showing how to get the job done is why lots of people decide to save money and do it them self. with the small investment for the repair kit its worth the job.when it comes to purchasing parts online their are also things you should look for. is the company in the USA. you dont want to order a repair part for your phone and have to end up waiting 3-5 weeks because its coming from another country. also make sure the company has an email address and phone number where they can be reached at for any questions.

iPhone Screen Protectors

After you get your phones screen fix make sure you look into purchasing a iPhone screen protector for your phones screen so that you can avoid having your screen damaged again. screen protectors are a good investment and for the small price its worth having. they will protect your screen from any cracks. if you happen to drop your phone your screen protector will break but will keep your phones screen safe from any damage. also another way on keeping your phone safe is using a iPhone case they will not guarantee your phones screen will not get damage but you will have a better on not having your phone damage if you happen to drop it.