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18th Oct 2016

Help! I have cracked my iPhone screen and don’t know what to do! What is the best way to get it repaired? Any way to save on the huge costs of repair? Are the non-authorized repair agencies trustworthy? Can I try my own hands at fixing the problem?

These, and so many other such thoughts start shooting a user’s mind when they manage to accidentally damage their iPhone. Screen repair for this device can cause a lot of heartburn, mainly because you have already paid so much for the phone itself in the first place. There are cost-effective methods available, but not all of them can be relied upon. So what choice is the best one? To help resolve some of your confusions, here are four great tips that will help you ensure a successful iPhone screen replacement.

Tip#1: Replacement from an Apple Store can be expensive

Getting your iPhone screen replaced from an Apple Store is definitely a sure-shot solution. However, it will cost you around $100-$160, which is somewhere around 25% of what you paid for the device itself! While Apple service quality genuine replacement parts are of top notch, their costs can be horrendously high. So think carefully before going down this route.

Tip# 2: Research third party repair shops before handing over device

While third party repair stores are definitely less expensive than the services of an Apple store, you will have no idea about the skillset of the person who will actually handle your phone and whether or not they will use genuine Apple replacement parts. Therefore, make sure you select only the most trusted name in the business that guarantees the best replacement work, as well as uses only Apple-manufactured screens for the job. Market research is therefore, imperative here.

Tip# 3: DIY is a feasible and cheap option - if you can handle it

You can also choose to buy a DIY iPhone screen replacement kit and get the job done yourself. Good quality kits would cost you around $14-$20, making the deal quite cost effective. You can find many tutorials on the web, giving a step-by-step guide on how to replace the screen. Study this option well, and if you think you can handle it, buy a DIY kit online and get started!

Tip# 4: Choose only the best of what is available in the market

Whether you decide to go for a third party repair store or want to try your hands on replacing the iPhone screen using a DIY kit, make sure that you choose only the best option available in the market. Your beloved iPhone deserves such care and quality from your end.

Just keep these factors in mind to ensure a successful iPhone screen replacement.